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Unconditional customer satisfaction...
Years and roads bear witness to KARTOZ HOLDING LLC...

KARTOZ HOLDING LLC has been established in 2023. It started expanding with the efforts of the family members and second generation, showing rapid advancement in automotive, machinery manufacturing and international trade.


The group’s business ventures broadened with the assistance of our busines partners, companies, cooperations and KARTOZ HOLDING LLC became one the leading companies of the region.


The hydraulics machinery industry has always played a crucial role in the KARTOZ HOLDING LLC, which was founded in Izmir in 1956.


What started out as a manufacturer grew to become a trade business within two generations. 

As the new business opportunities that were sought elevated KARTOZ HOLDING LLC’s expertise, the company embarked on new frontiers.


The group expanded its capacity multifold in the following 2000's by tending towards different sectors and various countries.

At a time when automotive export had just started developing, KARTOZ HOLDING LLC along with foreign partners, built important business agreements and establishments in USA - China - Japan - South Korea - Russian Federation - Lithuania - Azerbaijan - Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Syria - Greece - Algeria - EU and CIS countries. 

KARTOZ HOLDING LLC is acting for satisfaction of local and  international customers with the most suitable product and services. Besides automotive, environment, marine, construction machinary products and services, various commodities from sugar to metals, from scrap to new project and product development by design make us to deserve our well known reputation.



The most important steps for organizations, to produce a sustainable competitive edge in a world, where volatility and crises became normal flow of business life.

We are here to vitalize the mechanism of counseling experience.



KARTOZ HOLDING LLC serves to distinguished members of the business world, who look for genuine excellence and know that success and perfection are hidden in attention to details.

We undertake the whole burden and details of the service our clients require.

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